I listed end of november..wks before Christmas...lots of interest on line, but not that many phone c...alls...tons from Real estate agents...promising all kinds of stuff...& unfortunately my open houses, were either in a snow storm or extremely cold..had more action in february & march...I had over 9,000 visits to my site...the single family house is in a very good location...TIP: if you give an email address... i suggest using the # & street of the house in gmail. easy to remember for future buyers. Offer accepted in march... See More

Le marché immobilier montréalais présente des signes de surchauffe et le nombre d'acheteurs étrangers grimpe rapidement au centre-ville. La mairesse Valérie Plante souhaite imposer une taxe spéciale aux acheteurs qui ne résident pas au pays. Pour obtenir ce pouvoir, son administration rencontrera sous peu le nouveau ministre des Finances du Québec, a appris Radio-Canada.
A broker provides a complete and accurate description of the property, performs a comparative market analysis, proposes a marketing strategy, verifies the specifications of the desired property, prepares and submits the promise to purchase to the seller, negotiates in the best interest of his or her client, and ensures that all conditions are met on time for the signing of the notarial act.